State Funding Allocations

FY 2017 State Allocations

Allocation Formula

The DRA-enabling legislation requires the Authority to update distressed county designation annually. The following calculations reflect these updates.

2017 Allocation Methodology

Factors used in determining 2016 Allocation:

Factor Weight

Equity Factor (divided equally among eight states)  


Distressed Population (DRA counties/parishes only)


Distressed County Area (DRA counties/parishes only)


Population Factor (DRA counties/parishes only)


The model includes factors using 2016 distressed counties designations (based on 2013 Percent of National Per Capita Income from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and average unemployment from July 2013 to June 2015 local area unemployment statistics of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) to determine each state's allocated percentage of the total budgeted for SEDAP.

The table below shows the Fiscal Year 2016 states' allocations

  Share of Funding Funding Allocation
Alabama 10.46% $   1,085,395.88
Arkansas 14.67% $   1,522,320.07
Illinois   8.08% $      838,669.68
Kentucky   8.85% $      918,441.27
Louisiana 17.30% $   1,795,360.37
Mississippi 15.75% $   1,635,176.74
Missouri 11.05% $   1,147,049.60
Tennessee 13.85% $   1,437,882.40
TOTAL 100.00% $ 10,380,296.00

Additional information and detail regarding the DRA’s annual budget can be found in the agency’s Performance and Accountability Report completed at the end of each fiscal year. For the PARs from the past three years, click here.