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Healthy Workforce Challenge


Eligibility APPLY

The Healthy Delta Initiative (HDI) is undertaking a new funding collaboration that leverages DRA HDI investments with funding from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA). Applicants to HRSA’s Delta States Rural Development Network Grant Program will be invited to apply directly to the DRA for an additional $100,000 - $250,000 in one-time supplemental funding to conduct a Healthy Workforce Challenge pilot program over the course of a one-year time period. The DRA will invest more than $500,000 in awards to fund innovative pilot programs that promise to improve health outcomes in the region.

Applicants must simultaneously apply to the DRA and HRSA programs. For applicants to receive DRA funding, they must also be selected for the HRSA Delta States Rural Development Network funding (Please note that applicants to HRSA’s program are not required to also compete for the DRA funding). Several applicants will receive both awards, which will be announced on the same day.  

DRA Healthy Workforce Challenge projects must involve the development of pilot programs that work with local business and industry to incentivize healthy living through behavior change in the workplace. At minimum, this behavior change should include a focus on smoking cessation, weight loss, exercise programs such as documentable activity logs, regular health checks and improved healthy lifestyles. These programs could include new ways to encourage employees to take advantage of existing business incentives designed to influence healthy living in the workplace, could create new incentives altogether or could work with the business community to encourage healthy living in the workplace. Innovative solutions and multi-stakeholder partnerships that encompass multiple counties/parishes are encouraged. Benchmarks must be in place to measure results.  

To be eligible to receive Healthy Workforce Initiative funding, applicants must also apply to receive Delta States Rural Development Network Grant Program funding from HRSA. Therefore, applicants must meet HRSA’s eligibility requirements as follows. An applicant:  

  • Shall be a rural public or rural nonprofit private entity;
  • Shall represent a network composed of participants 1) that include 3 or more health care providers; and 2) that may be nonprofit or for-profit entities; and  
  • Shall not previously have received a HRSA grant, other than a grant for planning activities, for the same or similar project.
To be eligible, the applicant’s organizational headquarters must be a rural public or nonprofit private entity and must be located in a rural county in the Delta Region (See eight-state map of the counties and parishes included in the Delta Region). To determine rural eligibility, refer to:  

Current and former grantees of the Delta States Rural Development Network Grant Program are eligible to apply.  

Multiple applications from an organization are not allowable. Consortium partners may be a part of multiple applications.

Cost Sharing/Matching: Cost Sharing/Matching is not required for this program. However, applicants who can show support from the business and local community will be viewed favorably.

Other Guidelines: Any application that fails to simultaneously apply for HRSA’s Delta States Rural Development Network Grant Program will not be considered for this particular program.  

Any application that fails to satisfy the deadline requirements for both a letter of intent and final application as referenced below will not be considered for funding under this announcement.

Please note that while this round of DRA funding will only award Healthy Workforce Challenge investments to applicants who are also selected to receive the HRSA Delta States Rural Development Network Grant Program, there may be affiliated opportunities for the DRA to invest in applicants who apply but may not be successful in securing this particular award because they are not selected for the HRSA program. 

Application Deadlines and Requirements

Applicants must alert the DRA that they intend to apply for the supplemental funding by submitting a letter of intent as described below.

Letter of Intent Due Date:
 Friday, February 15, 2013  

Instructions for Submission of Letter of Intent: A brief letter of intent to apply for the Healthy Workforce Challenge funding should be submitted in hard copy form to the DRA office to the attention of: Kemp Morgan, Healthy Delta Initiative, 236 Sharkey, Suite 400, Clarksdale, MS 38614 no later than 5PM Central Time on Friday, February 15, 2013.

The letter of intent should declare that applicant intends to simultaneously apply to the HRSA Delta State Rural Development Network Grant program and the DRA’s Healthy Workforce Challenge. A brief one paragraph description of the program should be included, with a second paragraph describing the states, counties and/or parishes to be served. Finally, the letter of intent should designate a contact person for the project.       
Application Due Date:  March 15, 2013

Instructions for Submission of Final Application: Project applications must be submitted to the attention of:  Kemp Morgan, Healthy Delta Initiative, to the DRA office, 236 Sharkey, Suite 400, Clarksdale, MS 38614 no later than 5PM Central Time on Friday, March 15, 2012. Please submit the original and two copies. Applications should be arranged in the section sequence that is described below, and should include all of the requested information.    

***Applicants do not apply online. 

Format: Applications should submitted with standard 1 inch margins with 12-pt. font. Applicants should comply with the recommended page limits specified on the application checklist.


All applicants must submit an application plus the three attached documents required for federal assistance. The DRA must be in receipt of all four documents in completed form by the March 15th deadline in order to consider the application. Please follow the order listed below: 

• DRA Healthy Workforce Challenge Application and Checklist
• SF424B-V1.1
• SF424A-V1.0
• SF424_2_1-V2.1
• Any additional supporting documents and materials