Healthy Workforce Challenge

As part of its Healthy Delta Initiative, the DRA collaborated with the US Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) to provide supplemental funding to recipients of HRSA’s Delta States Rural Development Network Grant Program. Selected recipients received an additional $100,000 - $250,000 in one-time supplemental funding to conduct a Healthy Workforce Challenge pilot program over the course of a one-year time period.

DRA Healthy Workforce Challenge projects were evaluated on their proposals to develop community-based pilot programs that work with local business and industry to incentivize healthy living through behavior change in the workplace. At minimum, this behavior change should include a focus on smoking cessation, weight loss, exercise programs such as documentable activity logs, regular health checks and improved healthy lifestyles. These programs could include new ways to encourage employees to take advantage of existing business incentives designed to influence healthy living in the workplace, could create new incentives altogether or could work with the business community to encourage healthy living in the workplace. Innovative solutions and multi-stakeholder partnerships that encompass multiple counties/parishes were prioritized for funding.

The following organizations have received funding for program implementation in 2014:  




Tombigbee Healthcare Authority

Demopolis, AL



Augusta, AR


Southern Illinois University

Carbondale, IL


North Louisiana Regional Alliance

Delhi, LA


Mississippi County Health Department

Charleston, MO