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DLI Executive Academy

The Delta Leadership Institute provides a year-long leadership development program, known as the Executive Academy, for regional leaders desiring to prepare themselves for the challenges of the 21st Century. The purpose of the Executive Academy is to prepare these leaders to collaborate regionally to lead change. Participants work in teams to solve “real-world” problems faced by regional leaders.

The Executive Academy consists of seven sessions held at various locations throughout the Delta region and Washington, DC, providing on-site case studies and learning as well as introducing participants to different states and communities within the Delta.

2013-2014 Executive Academy Brochure

The program features a variety of lectures, seminars, and workshops, centering on three curricular themes: Understanding the Delta region and its challenges, Regional Issues, and Leadership. As part of the Executive Academy, participants learn from nationally recognized presenters, experts in the Delta region, and University of Alabama faculty members and administrators.

2013-2014 Executive Academy Sessions

Core Curriculum

Understanding the Delta Region and Its Challenges
Thinking /Acting Regionally
Regional Demographics

Regional Issue(s)
Public Engagement
Health Care
Information Technology
Public Policy

Contemporary Models
Leading Change
Embracing Diversity
Team Building
Problem Solving
Building Collaboration
Mediated Communication
Public Speaking

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