Delta Leadership Network: Regional Advisory Council Announced

October 20, 2015

The Delta Leadership Institute (DLI) is excited to announce the formation of the Delta Leadership Network's Regional Advisory Council to support the advancement of DLI and its alumni community. As DLI continues to grow its commitment to enhance and sustain local and regional growth through leadership, it recognizes the priority of utilizing the vision, passion, and talents of its alumni community. 

Brad Thompson of Martin, Tennessee will serve as Chair of the Regional Advisory Council that meets regularly to provide feedback and vision to the Delta Leadership Institute and Delta Regional Authority.  "I am humbled at being designated the Chair of the Delta Leadership Network's Regional Advisory Council. It is a great opportunity to organize and engage our alumni network as a strong, unified voice for the Delta Regional Authority and its mission," said Thompson, a 2012 Graduate of the Delta Leadership Institute's Executive Academy and the Harvard Kennedy School's DLI Class of 2014. 

The DLN Regional Advisory Council will work closely with DLI leadership to drive the planning and implementation of local alumni engagement initiatives, executive academy sessions, and events to engage alumni as ambassadors.  The following alumni will serve as State Co-Chairs on the Regional Advisory Council (with year of DLI Executive Academy graduation):

Diane Brooker '15 

Tonya Hass '14
Rebecca Hoskins '15

Jason Ashmore '15
Kathy Lively '06

Brad Davis '13
David Jackson '15

Berry Balfour '13
Vern Breland '10

Doreen Muzzi '08

Missy Marshall '07

Melinda Goode '15
Paul Young '14  

"Each of the members of the Delta Leadership Network's Regional Advisory Council has demonstrated support for and belief in this region and its communities and the importance of improving the lives of its people.  They embody the spirit of our Delta Leadership Institute and I look forward to working alongside our existing leadership to continue building a better Delta," Delta Regional Authority Federal Co-Chairman Chris Masingill said.
The council will hold its first meeting with DLI leadership in Memphis October 21-22 to engage with the incoming DLI Executive Academy class and for a council orientation and strategic planning session.