Chairman’s Message: Delta Leadership Network Celebrates Black History Month

February 08, 2016

The DRA is happy to celebrate Black History Month and the many contributions that African Americans have made to the Delta region and this country.

View our own Delta leaders talking about the African American changemakers in their communities at or on our YouTube channel playlist.

One of the many things that distinguishes the Delta as a unique place is the diverse group of people who have made, and are making, meaningful and lasting contributions. This month we celebrate the contributions and successes of our African American community and the leadership role it has in moving our region forward.

Some of our region’s greatest assets are a direct result of the innovation and creativity of our African American community. Born out of necessity and a result of a painful past, this region owes this community the respect and recognition it's earned.

Blues music, rich culinary traditions, and more are what this area is known for and what continues to bring people to our region from all over the world.

Our region relies on strong and passionate leaders to help our communities work through the challenges that we face. And it’s important to recognize these leaders. It's important to recognize these African American leaders. That’s why we’ve reached out to our Delta Leadership Network to tell us about the leaders and changemakers in their communities.

Check out these testimonials of Delta leaders from around the region. Throughout February we will be posting these videos at, on our facebook page, and on twitter. You can submit your own 60-90 second video to

Submit a 60-90 second video with your testimonial at