Honoring our Veterans in the Delta

November 11, 2015

Today we honor and thank the men and women who have served our country. We work closely each year with our military troops and reservists in providing quality health care to Delta communities through the Innovative Readiness Training medical missions. Many of the local elected officials and community leaders with whom we work have served on behalf of our country and are strong partners for us. We salute them and appreciate their tireless commitment to this country and the Delta region.

Did you know that although rural America accounts for 17 percent of our nation's population more than 40 percent of our active military come from rural communities? This means many returning veterans are coming home to our communities.

One of the best ways we know how to honor our veterans is to provide them with access to the tools and resources they need to be successful when they return. Along with our federal partners, this Administration provides crucial business support and job training services for our veterans to help them re-enter our rural and Delta communities. Did you know that the unemployment rate among veterans is nearly one percentage point lower than the national rate? We must continue to set our returning troops up with the skills they need to compete for good-paying jobs in their communities.

Nearly 10% of all U.S. businesses are veteran-owned? Veteran entrepreneurs and small business owners can be some of the most innovative drivers of our local economies, and we are doing our best to help them pursue their dreams upon their return. Be sure to check out special trainings and webinars for our men and women in uniform from U.S. Small Business Administration and BusinessUSA.gov.

Thank you to all those who have served our country and helped to ensure the U.S. and the Delta are great places to live, work, and play.

Chris Masingill
Federal Co-Chairman
Delta Regional Authority