Statement on the President’s signing of the Omnibus Bill today that includes $28 million for DRA

December 18, 2015

“The Delta Regional Authority is excited to see that the budget bill has been passed by Congress and signed by President Obama. This budget represents a vote of confidence from Congressional leaders both from the Delta region as well as across the country who recognize the hard work the DRA has done and continues to do to strengthen opportunities for Delta communities and their local economies. This increase in resources is a reflection on the hard work that DRA leadership, staff, and partners have been putting forth the past five years to lay a foundation of results-driven and responsible stewardship of taxpayer dollars that is helping to create jobs, building communities, and improve lives in the eight-state Delta region.

"The DRA will be able to make more robust strategic investments into the region’s infrastructure, transportation, workforce, small businesses, and entrepreneurs that are creating jobs and improving the lives of the Delta region’s people. Having this budget allows DRA leadership and staff to expand our work with state and local leadership to make these strategic investments in local economic development efforts. I greatly appreciate Senator Cochran, chairman of the Senate’s Appropriations Committee, and our congressional leaders in the Delta for championing our work and continuing their support for the investments that we make in the Delta region."

The full text of the bill can be read here.

Spencer Lucker
(202) 434-4842