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Reimagining Workforce Development:
2013 Report on the Future of the South

In partnership with the Southern Growth Policies Board, the Delta Regional Authority has commissioned a comprehensive report on the current state of workforce development. Released at SGPB's 2013 Annual Conference in Louisville, KY, the report also includes strategies and recommendations for recreating our region's approach to building a stronger workforce for the future. Written by Linda Hoke, Ted Abernathy, and Scott Doron.

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2013 Report on the Future of the South

2012 Year in Review

Each year the Authority publishes a Year in Review publication that highlights the investments the Delta Regional Authority has made in the region. The Year in Review describes projects, federal funding  programs, and administration activities that further the DRA's mission to create jobs, build communities, and improve lives in the Delta region.

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Growing Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Chairman Masingill is committed to supporting the growth of small businesses in the Delta region as an economic driver and job creation tool.

Most people believe that the key to economic recovery will come in the form of newly created jobs.  Naturally, then, everyone is asking: where will the new jobs come from?  This report looks closely at the establishment dynamics that have created and eliminated jobs in the last eighteen years in the 252 counties and parishes served by the Delta Regional Authority.  This document will show results that underscore the importance of entrepreneurship and small business development in the region.

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Job creation and loss in the federally designated Delta region
January 1992 - January 2010

Small Business & Entrepreneurship Policy Framework

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Today's Delta

Over the last year, the Delta Regional Authority has teamed up with the Institute for Economic Advancement to produce Today's Delta.  This report presents county-by-county data across all eight Delta states on indicators of population, educational attainment, poverty, health, economics, and housing.

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Delta Region Ports and Navigable Waterways

The Mississippi River system includes three-fourths of the inland waterways in the United States and serves as the major transportation artery for our country with over 9,000 miles of navigable waterways. The ports of the Middle and Lower Mississippi provide vital resources and passage for the more than 800 million tons of commodities shipped throughout the Delta region each year. This map identifies the numerous public and private ports and waterways within the Mississippi Delta region.

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Multimodal Assets, Needs, and Recommendations

Click Here for Multimodal Transportation: Assets, Needs and Recommendations Report