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October 26, 2018  
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Delta News Round-up

In this Issue: DRA Invests in Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi | Supports Arkansas Rural Community Efforts to Expand Wireless Connectivity

DRA Invests $2 Million in Arkansas to Strengthen Economy, Infrastructure

The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) will invest $2 million in Arkansas to provide safe and sanitary sewer and water service to rural families, increase economic development opportunities, enhance workforce training and development and improve healthcare.

DRA is investing in 12 projects that will improve life for 6,000 families and help create and retain 179 jobs. DRA’s investments will promote economic development opportunities across the Natural State by supporting infrastructure improvements that will lead to more jobs and better healthcare services in Arkansas’s rural communities.

DRA’s investments, along with other public and private partners, will bring a total of $18.8 million in new investments to Arkansas.

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DRA Investment in Louisiana Promotes Workforce Development

DRA will invest $2.6 million to enhance workforce training, help create and retain jobs and improve water and sewer service for rural families. DRA’s investments, along with other public and private partners, will bring a total of $34.6 million in new investments to Louisiana.

DRA is investing in 15 projects to help increase the productivity and economic competitiveness of communities across Louisiana. DRA’s investments in critical infrastructure improvements will enhance economic development efforts and bring new jobs to the state.

The projects, which range from improving wastewater treatment in Sibley to enhancing entrepreneurship in New Orleans, will train more than 5,100 workers, improve life for 11,500 families and help create and retain 200 jobs.

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Tennessee Receives $2.8 Million in DRA Investment

DRA is investing nearly $2.8 million in western Tennessee to make infrastructure improvements that will attract new industry and support expansion of existing businesses, enabling the creation and retention of about 3,400 jobs.

DRA’s investments, along with other public and private partners, will bring a total of $444.1 million in infrastructure improvements that will strengthen economic development in Tennessee by helping attract new businesses and retaining thousands of jobs at existing businesses in rural communities.

DRA is investing in five projects that will help provide jobs for Tennesseans, while also enhancing roads and facilities that will encourage existing employers to expand and attract new companies to the state.

In Savannah, the agency’s $1 million investment is part of a total $14.6 million project that will create 75 new jobs and retain another 160 workers at a sign manufacturing company.

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Mississippi Automotive Supplier Creates 60 New Jobs with DRA Investment

An automotive supplier will benefit from DRA’s $425,000 investment to help the company expand operations and create 60 new jobs. The total investment of $10.1 million will enhance the company’s efforts to add two new product lines and support exports across the world.

The company’s products are exported from Durant to more than 100 countries. DRA’s investment is a great example of the agency’s investing to support Delta-based businesses to help them remain competitive in the regional, national and global economies.

The manufacturer employs 590 workers in Mississippi, 192 of which are in Durant. The expansion is scheduled to be complete in 2019.

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DRA Supports Arkansas Rural Community Efforts to Expand Wireless Connectivity

Chairman Chris Caldwell joined U.S. Rep. Rick Crawford (AR-01) and leaders in Lonoke, AR, to discuss the economic development potential for small Delta towns by delivering robust and reliable wireless connectivity to residents and businesses.

Lonoke is working to implement a strategic action plan that will spur job growth and create new economic development opportunities in the rural community. The panel discussion included key local stakeholders such as business leaders, internet service providers and economic developers.

The community’s strategic action plan is a blueprint for the growth and development of Lonoke over the next five years. The action plan was created with input from public forums and teams working together to identify a vision and goals for the community, as well as identifying long- term strategic opportunities. Local efforts were supported by the University of Central Arkansas’ Community Development Institute and the Breakthrough Solutions program at the University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service.

Expanding wireless connectivity is a key component to the future growth of Lonoke and surrounding areas.

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