Partnership Highlights

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HRSA Technical Assistance for Delta Communities

In recognition of the low levels of federal funding for rural health care that are awarded in Delta communities, the DRA is working with HRSA and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy (FORHP) to provide direct technical assistance to community leadership, health care professionals, and local facilities that helps boost the competitiveness and thus receipt of federal awards for rural health care. 

The partnership kicked off the technical assistance with a webinar on February 26 to outline two current funding opportunities: the Rural Network Allied Health Training Program and the Rural Health Care Coordination Network Partnership Program. The webinar is available on the DRA's YouTube page, and slides from the presentation are available here.

The partnership has hosted two in-person workshops in 2015 in Oxford, MS, and Memphis, TN, to further boost local capacity for successfully applying for federal funding. Resources from each of these workshops can be found here.

Delta Health Care Services Grant Program (DHCS)

Delta Health Care Services Grant Program (DHCS) provides financial assistance to address the continued unmet health needs in the Delta region through cooperation among health care professionals, institutions of higher education, research institutions, and other individuals and entities in the Delta Region.  Through a partnership between DRA and USDA’s Rural Business Cooperative Service, $5.7 million were awarded to organizations seeking to address the prevalence of diabetes and other chronic diseases in their communities. The DHCS funds may be utilized for the development of health care cooperatives, health care services, health education programs, health care job training programs, and the development and expansion of public health related facilities. The DRA and USDA jointly funded the University of Mississippi Medical Center with $650,000 to support UMMC’s telehealth training program.

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Local Foods Local Places Grant Program (LFLP)

Local Foods Local Places Grant Program (LFLP) provides direct technical support to selected communities to help them develop and implement action plans promoting local food and downtown revitalization. The program aims to boost economic opportunities for local farmers and businesses, and foster entrepreneurship; improve access to healthy local food, particularly among disadvantaged groups with limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables; and revitalize downtowns, main street districts, and traditional neighborhoods by supporting farmers’ markets, food hubs, community gardens, community kitchens, and other kinds of local food enterprises, and by providing people with affordable choices for accessing those amenities, such as walking, biking, or taking transit.

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