Innovative Readiness Training

Through a partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. Military’s reserve forces, the DRA supports the Innovative Readiness Training program in Delta communities to bring medical, dental, and optical care to Delta residents in need of quality healthcare at no cost to the patients.

The IRT program improves military readiness by providing trained military medical personnel with in-field emergency response training while simultaneously providing quality healthcare services to communities throughout the Delta region.  By utilizing their extensive resources, the military is able to meet some of the region’s most urgent health needs.

DRA works closely with Delta communities and the Department of Defense to assist with the application process as well as planning and implementation for the two-week medical missions.


Fact Sheet: Innovative Readiness Training

Bring an IRT Mission to your Community

Innovative Readiness Training is a collaborative program that leverages military contributions and community resources to multiply value and cost savings for participants. Communities typically provide materials and basic services (e.g. facilities), while military units contribute personnel and training resources. By utilizing their extensive resources, the military is able to meet some of the region’s most urgent health needs. IRT missions produce mission-ready forces, civil-military partnerships, and stronger communities by providing quality healthcare services to communities.

If interested in applying to be an IRT community, please contact Health Programs Analyst Mandy Guin at Community leaders are encouraged to visit in order to familiarize themselves with the program and requirements.

Applications for IRT medical missions are currently being accepted for Summer 2024. To be eligible, communities must exhibit a critical need for healthcare providers as well as meet rural classification by having a population of 50,000 residents or less.

DRA will provide technical assistance to eligible entities who wish to submit applications for an IRT Medical Mission. If approved, DRA will also assist in coordinating all components of the Innovative Readiness Training.

CHECKLIST: Community Readiness Checklist  +  Notice of Intent to Apply (form)

Flyer: Delta Wellness Mission 2021 

Past IRT Medical Missions