A hometown pharmacy’s expansion offers fine gifts and Delta culture to national shoppers

May 01, 2014

Jamie Darling is a Delta girl, born and raised.

“Delta soil runs in my veins,” Darling says. “The resources we have here are second to none, from the soil to the people.”  

A sixth generation resident of Jackson County, Arkansas, Darling’s family has owned a pharmacy in Newport, Ark. for more than 20 years. In the early 1990s, Jamie began selling unique gifts from the pharmacy. With its first selections of fine sterling silver jewelry and other unique goods, the store quickly became a destination shopping experience for many local customers. In 2005, the store had become such a success that the family added onto the pharmacy to create a separate location, and Darling’s Fine Things was created.

After nearly 10 years of independent operations, Darling’s Fine Things has expanded to include an international customer base and a wide variety of gifts and apparel to fill any shopper’s need.

Darling searches carefully at markets across the country for items that were off the rack and non-traditional, finding well-made artisan goods that were not offered anywhere else close by. As often as possible, American-made goods are sold at Darling’s, and local wares also fit into the store’s selection. Fine art and gifts from artists including Billy Moore of Memphis and Arkansas jeweler Spinelli are popular choices at Darling’s.

One of the most successful aspects of the store has been its apparel sales, and Darling’s has continued to build its apparel selection based on popular demand, with clothing lines to fit shoppers of all ages. “People are looking for all kinds of different things, so we try to give them a good variety of unique offerings,” Darling said.

The store remains a staple for east Arkansas, with shoppers of all ages coming to purchase gifts and apparel. Jamie is working on expanding her online store to serve an even broader client base that has grown increasingly popular over the years. “Technology doesn’t limit us geographically anymore,” she says. “Our boundaries are not just in our area.”

The beautiful selections and personal experience at Darling’s Fine Things uphold the Delta legacy of service and culture that Jamie Darling is happy to share. “When people come into this region from elsewhere, they always fall in love with it,” Darling says. “There are a lot of good things to fall in love with.”