Contractor answers the call of building and rebuilding southern Missouri

November 01, 2013

After the devastating destruction caused by the Joplin, Mo. tornado in May 2011, C & M Contractors, Inc.—of Ripley County, MO—were faced with a challenge unlike any they had experienced in more than ten years of operations.

The city’s high school and all of its athletic fields were destroyed when the F5 tornado hit, and despite the short time until the seasons started up again in the fall, Joplin’s athletic department was determined that athletics would continue. C & M Contractors, working with the Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance program (PTAC), received a contract from the city for the rebuilding of new baseball, soccer, softball and football fields. Though they were new to the PTAC program, which assists local contractors in gaining profitable federal contracts that are often overlooked, their excellent reputation allowed them to ensure they received the job, valued at almost $1 million.

Once the contract was received, the C & M team immediately traveled across the state to survey the site, complete a design and assemble subcontractors and engineers. These logistics were finished in less than ten days, and the entire project was completed by Sept. 1, 2011 – more than a month ahead of schedule and in time for Joplin athletics to begin their seasons with fields to play on.

Noting themselves as an “aggressive company on the rise”, C & M Contractors, Inc. is a certified Small Business and Women’s Business Enterprise, founded in 1995 by Melinda Vaughn and husband and wife team Charlie and Cheryl Bass. Since its founding, C & M has completed projects of every size for organizations including the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock Air Force Base, Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri Department of Transportation, Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, Wal-Mart, Lowe’s, and Ducks Unlimited, Inc. With their growing reputation for quality and successful use of local partnerships, C & M is a great example of the possibilities that are available for small businesses across the region.