Delta Regional Authority Announces $2.7 Million Investment into Western Kentucky Communities

February 22, 2022

DRA’s investment will improve basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, business development, and job training to support economic development in communities across Western Kentucky.

CLARKSDALE, MS – Delta Regional Authority (DRA) today announced a $2,783,204 investment that will boost economic development and improve the quality of life for Western Kentucky communities and residents.  The investment will be matched by $26.7 million and will attract an additional $398.7 million in leveraged private investment (LPI) into Western Kentucky. 

The 6 new investment projects will improve water and sewer systems, update transportation infrastructure, and support business development and job training in communities across Western Kentucky.  These projects are expected to create or retain 443 jobs, train 46 individuals, and affect over 1,500 families. 

“Born and raised along the Mississippi River, I know firsthand how vital the Delta Regional Authority’s ability to bolster community revitalization and economic prosperity within the Delta and Alabama Black Belt is,” said DRA Alternate Federal Co-Chairwoman Leslie Durham.  “By strategically investing federal dollars into physical and human infrastructure, DRA helps alleviate the critical needs of the region in order to improve quality of life for our residents and foster future growth.  I want to thank Governor Beshear and the Kentucky Congressional Delegation for their continued partnership as we work to level the playing field for our citizens.”

Funding for these projects is provided by the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP), which provides direct investment into community-based and regional projects to support basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, workforce training and education, and small businesses development with an emphasis on entrepreneurship, and the Community Infrastructure Fund (CIF), which targets physical infrastructure projects that help build safer, more resilient communities in the Delta region.  DRA coordinates directly with the Office of the Governor for the Commonwealth of Kentucky and it local development districts for program funding implementation.

Kentucky: FY 2021 Investment Snapshot

  • Number of Projects: 6
  • DRA Investment: $2,783,204
  • Total Project Investment: $29,557,235
  • Additional Capital Investment: $398,750,000
  • Jobs Created:434
  • Jobs Retained: 9
  • Individuals Trained:46
  • Families Affected: 1,517

“I want to thank the Delta Regional Authority for funding these six projects that expand and improve our infrastructure in ways that benefit families and provide opportunities for both old and new businesses to thrive,” said Gov. Andy Beshear. “Extending wastewater systems and utilities, expanding high speed internet and establishing access to groceries where none exists all help to create jobs and build the better Kentucky that our people deserve.”

“The Delta Regional Authority delivers important resources to a wide range of communities, all tied together by their unique bond to the Mississippi River and its tributaries. I have been a proud supporter of this program for years and gladly advocate on behalf of Kentucky communities to receive substantial agency investment,” said U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). “The projects funded by today’s announcement will have real, tangible effects on the lives of Western Kentuckians and will spur the economic development their region needs to prosper.”

The following projects were funded by CIF:

Hopkinsville EZ Access Sewer Extension Project | Hopkinsville, KY:  The City of Hopkinsville will use DRA funds to provide sewer service to a company locating within the city limits that currently does not have service.  This investment is projected to create 79 jobs and affect one family.

DRA Investment: $410,234
Total Investment: $410,234
Additional Capital Investment:  $750,000

6th Street Sewer Main Improvements Project | Benton, KY:  The City of Benton will use DRA funds to extend the West 6th Street sewer interceptor approximately 1,200 linear feet.  This investment is projected to affect 120 families.

DRA Investment: $421,938
Total Investment: $421,938

McLean County Broadband Tower | Calhoun, KY:  The McLean County Fiscal Court will use DRA funds to construct a 300-foot tower and install LTE equipment to provide broadband service to unserved or underserved rural residents.

DRA Investment: $498,900
Total Investment: $683,900

The following projects were funded by SEDAP:

Guthrie Truck Stop Utility Extension Project | Guthrie, KY:  The City of Guthrie will use DRA funds to extend the sewer and natural gas lines to serve a commercial development.  This investment is projected to create 25 jobs.

DRA Investment: $387,800
Total Investment: $507,800
Additional Capital Investment:  $2,000,000

Ballard County Grocery Store | Wickliffe, KY:  The Ballard County Economic & Industrial Development Corporation will use DRA funds to establish a grocery store in the greater Wickliffe, KY area to further economic development by creating jobs and quality of life.  This investment is projected to create 10 jobs and retain five jobs.

DRA Investment: $509,000
Total Investment: $1,009,000

Project Mantra | Henderson, KY:  The City of Henderson will use DRA funds to upgrade existing natural gas infrastructure to service a potential industry user.  This investment is projected to create 320 jobs.

DRA Investment: $555,332
Total Investment: $7,270,732
Additional Capital Investment:  $396,000,000


About the Delta Regional Authority

The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) is a federal-state partnership created by Congress in 2000 to promote and encourage the economic development of the lower Mississippi River Delta region and Alabama Black Belt.  DRA invests in projects supporting transportation infrastructure, basic public infrastructure, workforce training, and business development.  DRA’s mission is to help create jobs, build communities, and improve the lives of those who reside in the 252 counties and parishes of the eight-state region.

DRA Media Contact:
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