Delta Regional Authority Announces $26.8 Million Investment into Delta Communities

March 01, 2022

DRA’s investment will improve basic public infrastructure, business development, workforce development, and job training to support economic development in communities across the Delta and Alabama Black Belt.

CLARKSDALE, MS -- Delta Regional Authority (DRA) today announced a $26,806,724 investment that will boost economic development and improve the quality of life for Delta and Alabama Black Belt communities and residents.  The investment will be matched by $93 million and will attract an additional $989 million in leveraged private investment (LPI) into the DRA region.  

The 81 new investment projects will improve water and sewer systems, boost business development, enhance infrastructure, and support job training in communities across the DRA footprint.  These projects are expected to create or retain 5,212 jobs and train over 2,100 individuals.  

“Born and raised along the Mississippi River, I know firsthand how vital the Delta Regional Authority’s ability to bolster community revitalization and economic prosperity within the Delta and Alabama Black Belt is,” said DRA Alternate Federal Co-Chairwoman Leslie Durham. “By strategically investing federal dollars into physical and human infrastructure, DRA helps alleviate the critical needs of the region in order to improve quality of life for our residents and foster future growth.”

Funding for these projects is provided by the States’ Economic Development Assistance Program (SEDAP), which provides direct investment into community-based and regional projects to support basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, workforce training and education, and small businesses development with an emphasis on entrepreneurship.  

The following is a FY 2021 SEDAP overview by state:

State Number of Projects DRA Investment Total Project Investment Additional Capital Investment Jobs Created Jobs Retained Individuals Trained Families Affected
Alabama 13 $3,448,973 $9,641,495 $440,000,000 204 887 200 5,142
Arkansas 8 $3,239,382 $10,386,138 $45,800,000 353 163 240 1,068
Illinois 8 $1,793,734 $2,392,663 $16,000,000 78 558 359 882
Kentucky 6 $2,783,204 $29,557,235 $398,750,000 434 9 46 1,517
Louisiana 17 $6,806,567 $15,867,807 $4,000,000 122 553 224 18,875
Mississippi 14 $4,696,894 $11,549,070 $67,287,500 998 46 30 3,000
Missouri 10 $2,297,101 $7,079,680 $5,789,689 98 71 950 2,464
Tennessee 5 $1,740,869 $6,528,166 $12,000,000 597 41 65 0
TOTAL 81 $26,806,724 $93,002,254 $989,627,189 2,884 2,328 2,114 32,948


About the Delta Regional Authority

The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) is a federal-state partnership created by Congress in 2000 to promote and encourage the economic development of the lower Mississippi River Delta region and Alabama Black Belt.  DRA invests in projects supporting transportation infrastructure, basic public infrastructure, workforce training, and business development.  DRA’s mission is to help create jobs, build communities, and improve the lives of those who reside in the 252 counties and parishes of the eight-state region.

DRA Media Contact:
Shawna Blair