Delta Regional Authority, partners invest $2.7 million into Southern Illinois communities

October 28, 2014

Delta Regional Authority Leverages Federal Resources to Strengthen Community Infrastructure and Health Care to Create Jobs and Economic Opportunity

ILLINOIS – A new investment of resources aimed at Delta small business owners, entrepreneurs, families, and communities is designed to grow the region’s economy and create jobs, the Delta Regional Authority and Illinois Governor Pat Quinn announced today.

Nine new investments coming directly to Southern Illinois, from building and repairing roadways and sewer systems to hospital upgrades and the construction of new businesses, leverage $744,740 in federal resources into $2,674,050 in total public and private investment for the Delta region, its people, and its future.

The awards are provided through the DRA States’ Economic Development Assistance Program, the agency’s main federal funding program that invests in basic public infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, workforce development, and business development projects in the 252 counties and parishes of the eight-state Delta region. DRA coordinates directly with Illinois’ five local development districts in the region for program funding implementation.



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“In this time of extreme competition for jobs and business attraction, these strategic federal investments into the physical and human infrastructure of Delta communities are necessary to create economic opportunity for the hard-working people of Southern Illinois,” Chairman Masingill said.

“Southern Illinois has the well-trained workforce and entrepreneurial spirit it takes to keep the region moving forward,” Governor Quinn said. “These investments will give southern Illinois communities the extra boost they need to keep their infrastructure in good shape and to take advantage of the opportunities our ongoing economic recovery has to offer.”

"Today's announcement is just another example of the growth and productivity we continue to see in Southern Illinois," said U.S. Congressman Enyart. "These infrastructure projects will not only bring new development to the area, but also create jobs and help move the economy forward.  The grants announced today are a great sign of progress, and I look forward to continue working towards improving our economy with our state and local officials."


  • Industrial Park Road, Grayville, IL (IL15):  Construction of 710 feet of truck access (IDOT standard) road that will service several businesses within the Grayville Industrial Park. DRA: $75,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $373,250; Total Project Cost: $473,250.
  • Prairie du Rocher-Modoc Levee, Phase IV, Prairie du Rocher, IL (IL12): This phase of levee construction will Complete slip-lining of the final 4 of 11 gravity drains. DRA: $100,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $20,000; Total Project Cost: $220,000.
  • Route 45 Utility Adjustments, Eldorado, IL (IL15): Improvements to the city's utilities located along US Route 45 in response to IDOT roadway expansions. DRA: $27,930; Leveraged Public Investment: $500,000; Total Project Cost: $527,930.
  • Baldwin 5th Street Improvements, Baldwin, IL (IL12): Improvements to Baldwin’s Fifth Street roadway from the southern village limits to northern limits to improve upon damage from heavy truck traffic. DRA: $100,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $19,200; Total Project Cost: $211,600.
  • Hardin County General Hospital Laboratory Equipment Upgrades, Rosiclare, IL (IL15): New hematology analyzer to allow HCGH to expand its lab services to its two county service areas. DRA: $59,062; Leveraged Public Investment: $6,250; Total Project Cost: $65,312.
  • Herrin Lift Station Upgrades, Herrin, IL (IL12): Upgrade of two existing sanitary sewer lift stations and replacement of a forcemain to increase the capacity for businesses around developed areas. DRA: $100,000; Leveraged Public Investment: $743,000; Total Project Cost: $943,000 (5 jobs to be created; 11 jobs to be retained).
  • Community Health & Emergency Services, Cairo, IL (IL12): Purchase of equipment necessary to implement an optometry/ophthalmology program for residents of Cairo and Alexander County. DRA: $112,500; Leveraged Public Investment: $16,442; Total Project Cost: $141,442.
  • I-57 Airport Business Park, Benton, IL (IL12): Construction of a new roadway for access to 37 acres of land for the development of the Benton I-57 Airport Business Park. DRA: $115,287; Leveraged Public Investment: $14,418; Leveraged Private Investment: 550,000; Total Project Cost: $129,705 (3 jobs to be created and 3 jobs to be retained).
  • Southern Illinois Airport Authority Fiber Optic Extension, Carbondale, IL (IL 12): Fiber optic and sewer extension at the airport technology park for the current tenants and needed infrastructure to attract a new agri-business opportunity. DRA: $54,961; Leveraged Public Investment: $60,000; Total Project Cost: $120,000.

The Delta Regional Authority is a federal-state partnership that is congressionally mandated to help create jobs, build communities, and improve lives through strategic investments in economic development in the 252 counties and parishes of the Delta region. The investments come through the DRA’s States Economic Development Assistance Program. Through the past twelve project cycles, the DRA has created and retained more than 17,000 jobs with 24,500 more projected. These investments have leveraged $2.7 billion in other public and private investment with DRA projects that are helping to train 26,000 for a 21st century workforce and have provided more than 25,000 families access to clean water and sewer services.


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