Mast brings advocacy and solutions to Western Kentucky communities

August 01, 2013

Utilizing strategic partnerships and relying on strong relationships has allowed David Mast to contribute to the advancement of communities in western Kentucky. With eight years of experience working for Congressman Ed Whitfield and serving the 1st district of Kentucky, Mast knows well the hardships and opportunities available in his home state. In 2010 he was able to further expand his involvement in his home and the greater Delta region through participation in the Delta Leadership Institute’s Executive Academy.

Since becoming directly involved with the DLI, Mast has been able to support a number of projects through collaboration with the Delta Regional Authority and his fellow classmates and alumni of the Executive Academy. He is proud to tout the work that he and fellow alumnus, Judge Greg Terry, have done in improving the free medical clinic provider system in western Kentucky.

He has also worked directly with fellow alumni Josh Tubbs, Economic Director for Marshall County (KY), on establishing energy conservation measures that have helped that county’s robust chemical complex and facilities use less power. This collaboration not only benefits the environment but also reduces operating costs for the county’s manufacturers, ultimately supporting job creation and retention in western Kentucky.

“The Delta Regional Authority and its Delta Leadership Institute is one of the most important programs I have the honor to be connected with,” Mast said. “Learning about the similarities and differences of the Delta’s eight states and 252 counties and parishes makes me a better Kentuckian.  I am reminded constantly that we are all part of a larger system which has great responsibility for its entire constituency.”