NEWS: Neelyville residents protected from raw sewage thanks to DRA emergency funding

July 17, 2017

Missouri community at risk for exposure to E-coli

NEELYVILLE, MO – The Delta Regional Authority (DRA) is providing nearly $5,900 in emergency funding to restore the City of Neelyville’s municipal wastewater collection and treatment system. The community’s 483 residents are at risk for exposure to raw sewage, which could result in contamination and disease.

Storm water overflow and infiltration regularly overload the city’s system and contribute to sewer overflows that expose the public to e.coli and other harmful bacteria. DRA funding will allow the city to purchase and install three pumps to ensure continuous operation of the system.

“We are grateful that DRA acted so quickly to approve emergency funding for this project, which is vital to protect the health and safety of our residents,” Mayor Kevin Bynum said. “It is good to know that small rural communities like ours can count on DRA to provide financial support during an emergency.”

Neelyville’s wastewater collection and treatment system is 30-years-old, and collects and processes waste from 161 homes and businesses in the city.

 “DRA will continue to step up when necessary to protect the health and safety of residents in the Delta Region,” DRA Chairman Chris Masingill said. “Enhancing the quality of life in our Delta communities through infrastructure development is at the very heart of DRA’s work.”

About the Delta Regional Authority

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Andrew Moreau