Zero Trust

By reconfiguring, reprioritizing, and augmenting existing DRA capabilities, DRA will be able to evolve toward an always verify zero trust architecture (ZTA). By strengthening its technology infrastructure, DRA aims to be able to secure and defend DRA information, systems, and critical infrastructure against malicious cyber activity, including DRA information on the non-DRA-owned environments. The ability to detect, deter, deny, defend, and recover from malicious cyber activities and develop a scalable, resilient, auditable, and defendable framework will be coordinated to strategically provide information security. As cyber threats evolve and become more and more sophisticated, ZTA implementers, including DRA leadership, staff, and grantees accessing DRA systems, will need to stay current on existing and emerging cyber technologies to systematically improve enterprise environment defenses that are in line with ZTA concepts. These new strategic goals enable the implementation of security in a more consistent and efficient manner.

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