Delta Research Data

To assist communities, economic developers, policymakers and key partners make evidence-based decisions for future development and investment, the Delta Regional Authority conducts relevant research and shares data on economic, demographic, and quality of life indicators impacting the Delta Region. Additionally, DRA utilizes this research to evaluate the effectiveness of its programs and overall impact of its grantmaking. 

Ultimately, the purpose of this research and data-sharing is to help the agency and its stakeholders better understand the region’s challenges so that we can collectively move our communities forward towards a more prosperous future for the 10 million people residing in the 252 counties and parishes across our eight-state region.

Research Reports

Our research reports address critical socio-economic issues impacting the Delta Region. DRA’s research is designed to inform communities, policymakers, and key partners about regional economic development challenges so that they can make evidence-based decisions to address them.

Learn more about current research projects:

Fact Sheets and Infographics

DRA leverages its research and data assessment to publish fact sheets, infographics, and other visual aids for our communities and partners. 

Requests for Proposals

DRA periodically issues Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for qualified, external organizations to undertake valuable research and evaluation initiatives.